Automated Web Penetration Testing Solution

Let Pentoma AI finds your security vulnerabilities with an offensive approach.
With its CI/CD integration options, the whole penetration testing process is automated.

Discover security exploitabilities with AI-Powered process

Pentoma’s unique deep learning and AI technologies advance itself to move beyond the rapidly changing security trends.


Pentoma is an AI-powered penetration testing automation that identifies holes in your web application security before hackers do, helping prevent any potential damages. Pentoma analyzes every web-based app and server including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more to find known and unknown security risks including:

Red Team Service On Demand

Web application security holes can cause significant damages to your business. However, hiring security experts for penetration testing is complicated and costly. With Pentoma’s deep learning penetration testing technology — it's now accessible and affordable. Pentoma actively finds security vulnerabilities and provides detailed analysis. Think of Pentoma as your private red team on duty 24/7, finding security risks to help prevent damages in advance.

How It Works

Penetration testing made easy.

  • Input

    Input URLs of your web APIs or applications, and verify ownership.

  • Conduct

    Conduct sophisticated penetration testing via Pentoma’s ever-evolving technology.

  • Download

    Download your in-depth web app security report.