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Most apps are vulnerable to hacking attacks.


75% of mobile apps will fail basic security test.


85% of Top 200 Free apps on Google Play can be decompiled.


96% of Top 100 Free Game apps on Google Play can be reverse engineered.


97% of mobile apps do not have binary protection.


Mobile app security scanning, protection & tracking

Three Steps for Complete Mobile Security



Analyze all vulnerabilities which may allow decompiling or reverse engineering of your app.

Fast & Easy

Simply upload your compiled app for a full security scan, and get results in minutes. Don’t worry - your source code will never be stored on our servers.


Application Hardening

Binary protection, which is the strongest security possible, keeps your app safe. AppSolid Protect requires zero integration as it’s applied after apps are compiled. It protects all critical binary files including Dex, Native Library, and Unity 3D.


AppSolid Protect’s anti-tampering and anti-memory hacking modules allow apps to self-protect and automatically prevent memory modification at all time.


Real-Time Analytics

Visual dashboards provide app usage data and alert developers on hacking attempts, such as app modification and memory hacking.


Shut down compromised installs or potential fraud at a targeted device level with a single click.

Common hacking practices in the market

App Piracy

Paid and unlocked apps available for free

IP Theft / Copycats

Source code re-used without creator’s consent

Behavior Modification

App logic modified to benefit hackers or to compromise service

Malware Injection

Malicious code injected into the original app and redistributed

Vulnerability Identification

Code reviewed to identify vulnerabilities for subsequent attacks

Data Manipulation

Apps get compromised to steal and/or modify user data

Newly Added Features

AppSolid® Plugin for Unity

  • Protect your game directly from the Unity developer environment.
  • Strongest level of protection for games - source code protection, memory hacking prevention, and much more

AppSolid® for MultiDex

  • Binary protection for Android MultiDex.
  • Easy to apply - simply upload and download your APK!

Who Needs AppSolid®?

Every app developer has code and IP to protect. AppSolid® protects apps across all verticals including

  • Financial Services
  • Gaming
  • Enterprise
  • Social Media
  • Healthcare
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Digital Media
  • Education

Simple Process for Powerful Security

  • SCAN

    Diagnose your app to see any vulnerabilities.
    Get results in seconds.


    Apply binary protection in minutes.
    No additional coding process required.


    Monitor your app’s security status in real time.
    Control any suspicious activities.

How to use AppSolid®


Upload an APK file.


Select preferred security options.


Click the Protect button, and a secured APK file will be automatically downloaded.

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