Offensive & Defensive App Security.

Discover your app security vulnerabilities and protect them against attacks.

Almost all apps are vulnerable to hacking attacks.

  • 75%

    75% of all mobile apps will fail basic security test. Gartner

  • 85%

    85% of Top 200 Free apps on Google Play can be decompiled. SEWORKS

  • 87%

    87% of Top 100 paid apps on Apple Store have been hacked. Arxan

  • 93%

    93% of the top 1 million websites failed basic security measures. Mozilla

AI-Powered Web App & API Penetration Testing

Pentoma helps you learn your web app and server security weaknesses through ever-evolving remote AI hacking attacks. It generates in-depth security reports so you can fix the holes in your system.

Mobile Application Self Protection

AppSolid allows you to add protection within minutes. It also monitors any suspicious activity and shuts down malicious users on the device level.

Automated Mobile App Security Testing

AppSolid Scan provides developers in-depth analyses of their app security weaknesses and detailed knowledge of where those vulnerabilities are.