SEWORKS is the autonomous
offensive security force.

Founded by Min Pyo Hong, a renowned hacker with over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, and the core members of WOWHACKER, the biggest white hat hacking group in South Korea, SEWORKS’ core spirit is based on offensive security.

Leadership Team

Min Pyo Hong Founder & CEO

Min Pyo Hong is the Founder and CEO of SEWORKS. He has worked as a white hat hacker for over 20 years, and helped enterprises and governments strengthen their security. He is also a serial entrepreneur - he made an exit of SHIFTWORKS, an anti-malware company, prior to SEWORKS.

Yaniv Karta CTO

Yaniv Karta oversees SEWORKS’ security technology and provides strategic product directions. He has been in the cybersecurity space over 20 years, and has an expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Prior to joining SEWORKS, Yaniv served as the CTO and chief architect at Zimperium, and the security researcher at Samsung.

Charles Kenney SVP, Global Sales

Charles Kenney leads SEWORKS’ global sales activities, and engages with partners around the globe. Equipped with over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity sales from Symantec, Cisco, Q1Labs, and IBM Security, Charles brings unique insights on how to serve our customers in a more efficient way.

Sung Cho VP, Growth

Sung Cho is responsible for SEWORKS’ global growth strategy including marketing, public and analyst relations, and branding efforts. With over 10 years of experience in luxury, fashion, and non-profit industries, she creates campaigns to reach the global audience and spread SEWORKS’ cybersecurity expertise.


Advisory Board

Andrew Kim Former Sr. Intelligence Officer, CIA
Zuk Avraham Founder of ZecOps & Zimperium
Perry Ha Founder & Managing Director, Draper Athena

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